July, 2012

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June 19, 2008


Reyes and Doggett, two of our foxes, were used in art entered by Amelia Reichley in a “Fox Companion” contest, sponsored by *mizzd-stock.


Story in May 9th, 2008 issue of The Wendover Times:


Media Members Get Local Tour

Last Saturday, Ron Kirby from Channel 4 in Salt Lake filmed at several locations around Wendover for a TV show called “At Your Leisure.”  Kirby said the 1 hour show with the Wendover shots would air in 4 to 6 weeks on a Sunday.  

Kirby filmed an interview at Leppy Hills Trails with West Wendover City Manager Chris Melville (pictured above) and he interviewed Airport Director  Jim Peterson at the Wendover Airport. He also shot scenes at Blue Lake, the Bonneville Salt Flats and up in the Leppy Hills with the Intermountain Guide Service.   

Kirby was invited to West Wendover along with several writers from magazines as part of the annual familiarization tour, organized by the Nevada Welcome Center. 

Pictured above is Melville giving his interview just before Deeanna Croasmun takes a walk on the trail with Lexx, her 100 pound lynx.


Story in April 25th, 2008 issue of The Wendover Times:


Norwegian film director shoots at the airport


After completing filming of the Desert Walker project on the salt flats last Thursday, Per Platou, from Norway, did some filming on Saturday for an experimental film project that he hopes to eventually submit to festivals in Europe and elsewhere, such as Rotterdam, Holland; Oberhausen, Germany; Venice, Italy, and the Sundance Film Festival, in Utah.

Pantera, a Eurasian Lynx, was invited to participate in the project. Pantera had a small part where she sits as the camera pans around in a circle taking in different objects and people placed in the scene at different positions. The filming was done by the bunkers at Wendover Airport. 

Platou says he expects to complete the project in 3 to 4 months. Platou’s plan is to transfer his HD video footage to 35 mm film. Then he will use the circular movement in the film as a base to play with sound in a cinematic surround environment (so called 5:1).

He will add sounds of the lynx, the car, the digging etc. that appears at various points in the film, and then let them circulate in the cinemas room so they correspond with the objects.

On Sunday, Platou recorded various sounds in Wendover, from inside the car wash, the CLUI radio tower, airplanes, drag racing at Wendover Raceway, and he says he will mix with other sounds that he hopes will work to create a surreal soundscape.

Pictured in the group shot is Pantera in the front, with Per Platou on the left with his camera, and Pantera’s fellow cast members Kristine Oren (Norway), Annesofie Norn (Denmark), Leon Cullinane (UK), Saila Hyttinen (Finland), and Amanda Steggell (UK/Norway). In the other pictures, Annesofie is spending time with Pantera after the shoot was completed.